Fire Sale by Adam Gaines

Rating : 3/5

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication Date: December 1, 2015

Since my childhood I really loved reading and watching plays. My classmates and I used to enjoy all the excitement that came along with it – playing various characters, dressing up and staging the play. Even now, I try to read any play that I can get my hands on. When Adam Gaines asked me to review Fire Sale, I was thrilled to do so as it was the very first time that someone had asked me to review a play. Fire Sale is a collection of six one-act plays that ranges from mundane every day occurrences to even events that occur following the death of Michael Jackson. This was a really quick and enjoyable read.


Although brief, each play will definitely strike a chord in the reader’s heart. What looks like a conversation about nothing leading nowhere soon becomes an emotionally charged exchange with a small twist in the dialogue. Gaines’s ability to paint a portrait with words works greatly to his favor as even with minimal settings we are clearly able to visualize the situation and the people in our minds. The dialogues are funny, realistic, warm and leaves us feeling nostalgic and mesmerized.

Two of the plays really stood out for me – Red Meat and The King of Pop-Up Shop. The name ‘King of Pop-Up Shop’ is a play on the King of Pop and it deals with two youngsters bonding over their love of Michael Jackson and his music on the day of his death.  This play is charming, romantic, wistful and is a great tribute to Michael Jackson and his songs. It goes to show how music transcends life and can definitely bring people closer. Red Meat is the story of a father and son catching up over lunch. The story is tragic and heartbreaking, yet somehow it gives you the feeling of courage and hope. However, one of the plays ‘Long Enough To Say Goodbye’ left me a bit disoriented as I had not read Mix Tape which was the first book published by Gaines.

Overall, a beautiful collection of one-act plays that celebrate life and relationships in all its fragility.

About the Author :


I’ve written on FX The Bridge and NBC’s State of Affairs. Developed my own potential series at major production companies and I will be making my micro budget feature writing debut next month when NEGATIVE is released digitally on September 19th.  I’m in the guild, have representation, and have also dabbled in comics and theater. 

The Two Collections:

I published two collections of one act plays. MIXTAPE, released in 2013 for free on platforms like Apple iBooks, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. In 2015, I released the sequel FIRE SALE on the same platforms for .99 cents. Three of the one-acts have been made into short films. One of them became the basis for a noir pilot I shopped around the industry and another one I adapted into my latest indie feature that I’m currently out for financing and casting on. MIXTAPE has been downloaded over 4000 times, and FIRE SALE is hovering around 1000. January 2016 I staged some of the darker, twisted ones for three nights in Los Angeles in a series of staged readings we called HANDCUFFED TO DARKNESS and sold out every performance.


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