Cognitive Debris by Steven C. Nelson

Cognitive Debris by Steven C. Nelson – A Review

Rating 3/5

Cognitive Debris, the debut work of Steven C Nelson, is a collection of prose and poems dealing with a variety of subjects ranging from seasons to family and love. As I am not a big fan of poems and am ignorant about its nuances, I am reviewing the prose part alone in this blog. The book is broadly classified into verse and prose with the prose taking up majority of the content but is interspersed with poems that go with the theme of the stories around it.


The prose part consists of random musings of the author related to various aspects of life. The few initial thoughts are on winter, its beauty and its influence on people. The rest of the ruminations are about family, togetherness, love and separation. I love the author’s writing style for most of the book and his words have the power to make us introspect about the things we take for granted and also fill us with melancholy for the things we have lost. His writing is honest and beautiful yet simple and heartwarming.  There is no common theme that runs through his writing and hence all of the write-up can be read individually and analyzed.

Overall, this is an interesting debut work by Steven C Nelson and he shows great promise as a writer. The book can be read and enjoyed by anybody who loves thoughtful essays and writings.


About the Author:

Steven C. Nelson was raised in Central Ohio, where he resides with his supportive wife and rambunctious children. His writing is influenced by the contrasting seasons and rural aspects the Midwest has to offer, as well as the purity of the emotions experienced when with his family. What began simply as a means of capturing and contemplating the awesome phenomena life presented to him each day, his first work, Cognitive Debris, is a collection of those ruminations. Please visit his site to know more about him and to enjoy his musings.


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