Travel Escapade

Hello Readers,

If you have been reading or following my blogs, you would have known that I was on vacation for the past few weeks, recharging and reinventing myself. Now that I am gradually recovering from my post vacation panic, I have started penning down my experiences and thoughts throughout the trip. Watch this space for posts recounting my struggles and challenges in planning the trip and the adventures and enjoyment during the travel.

Chapter 1: Passport and Emigration Counter Woes!

Chapter 2: ♬ This Time for Africa ♬

Chapter 3: Karibu Kilimanjaro

Chapter 4 : Masai Warriors

Chapter 5 : Tarangire : Baobabs, Dik-Diks and More.

Chapter 6 : Hakuna Matata

Chapter 7 :River of Mosquitoes

Chapter 8 : Stepping into Serengeti

Chapter 9 : Kati-Kati


Book Escapade


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