My Writing Spot

Ever since I started blogging, I lug around my laptop for all my trips, irrespective of the destination or the duration. More than an interest to write, I feel this habit is inspired by fear. What if I am sitting idle and suddenly struck by an inspiration to write? I have a lot of unfinished snippets lying hither and tither in my laptop. What if by a stroke of genius I am tempted to complete some of these snippets? What if I finished reading a really great book and am compelled to pen down the review? What if? What if? What if?

To be honest, in the past six months since the inception of my blog, I have never published a single word that I have written during my travels. Owing to my guilt in unnecessarily subjecting my body to carry the extra weight of this not-so-sleek laptop, I always try to sit down and jot a few words. But these have been mercilessly discarded due to one reason or the other.

Fortunately, I have realised that there are a lot of factors that need to fall in place for my writing other than just the laptop. Most important is to have a comfortable and distraction free environment where my mind and my senses are at peace. A familiar place will account for lesser curiosity on novel things and provide more focus on writing.  I need to have a comfortable seating arrangement with optimum lighting too (I know I am just writing, not taking a photo). Also important to me is the weather, it should be cool without the need to switch on the air conditioner or the fan (thereby avoiding two sources of humming noises). All these factors culminate at my “spot” in my living room couch. No one can phrase it better than Sheldon Cooper of TBBT!

Click here for a video of Sheldon’s spot

As I am not a fan of the conventional writing desk and chair, I love to laze around in this couch in weird yet comfortable postures. I do all my reading and writing while on this couch. Thoughts starts flowing freely the moment I sit here. It has advanced so much that I am never able to get any serious (to be read as office work) stuff done from here. Anyway, I love this inexpensive and old couch that adorns my living room for releasing all my creative juices.

My spot


Please do comment and let me know about your special spot for writing.


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