A Fantastic Mess of Everything by Beck Medina – A Review

I had received the e-copy of this book from Story Cartel in exchange of an honest review and this does not influence my opinion about the book.

This is the first book of Beck Medina that I am reading and I picked it up thanks to the free copy from Story Cartel. 5 hours later, thanks to a binge reading spree, I am already working on my review! The Fantastic Mess of Everything is a simple, fast paced book with not even a tiny lag in the plot.

The story revolves around Millie, an introvert senior in college, who spends her time writing sci-fi stories in her blog and reading the books of Luke Danielson, a sci-fi author. She is anything but the typical popular girl. She has severe anxiety disorder, has just two friends in college (Mike and her roommate Fran) and her blog has just one follower. Dating is totally out of the picture for Millie as she is averse to interacting with strangers. Like every college girl, she has a crush on her professor Brandon Rodney and is completely clueless about Sam who is in love with her and wants to ask her out. Her life gets complicated when Fran decides to move in with her sister leaving Millie alone in campus and her estranged dad starts reaching out to her. Will Millie be able to conquer her anxiety and embrace the changes around her?

The entire plot is straightforward with subtle humour. The author is able to beautifully capture the essence of campus life with its roommate woes, assignments, parties and even a chatty counsellor to top it off.  The writing is smooth and flowing without any stagnation in either the plot or the prose. All the characters are really well formed and have their own individuality. The protagonist especially is an appealing character with her love for writing and her passion for science fiction. Although there are many introverted protagonists in recent books, I have never read about a science fiction enthusiast. The effort put into Luke Danielson and his shows as well as Millie’s sci-fi stories makes the book even more interesting. The brevity of the book also stands to its credit as the author does not elongate or over dramatise the story. It is compact and beautifully so.

My only criticism for the book is its cover. The black and white drab cover does not do justice to the vibrant and colourful story inside. I would not have picked this book if I had seen it in a bookstore or library. Hopefully, they will revise it in the next edition. Overall, I would definitely suggest this book for everyone out there looking for an interesting story with relatable characters.

Favourite Quote : “A thick silence clouded us. If any of us had paid close mind it could almost be heard, the screams that silence often birthed in the quietest of spaces.”

Favourite Character : Millie Alvarez

Millie is a typical introvert with her love of reading and her fear for change. There is a little of Millie in all of us.

Author’s Profile : Beck Medina


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