Reading 101 – A guide to reading

Be it the spoilers of the Game of Thrones series or the feeling of being left out of Harry Potter discussions at school, everyone has their own reasons to pick up their first book. To start reading as a hobby is always good, especially when the social media promotes reading by listing it at the very top of all pseudo-motivational charts.

What are the habits of highly successful people?

“Reading at least a page a day” – says the social media.

I read at least a comic book a day.  I can name all the villains of Batman or all the mutants in X-Men. However, is this the kind of book which will help me succeed? How about reading books like the Twilight Saga or the Hunger Games? Will reading Oscar Wilde or Jane Austen help me? Reading quality literature in any form will definitely help boost your vocabulary and also improve your self-expression. These are very helpful in self-improvement and in turn will aid you to succeed in life.

Which book to read or where to start from is a big question that plagues all the first time readers trying to develop a reading habit. Getting that first book right is half the problem solved! The saying “first impression is the best impression” really holds true here. If it piques your interest, lets your imagination loose and is un-putdownable, then you are in safe hands. If you pick the right book, your baby steps will soon turn to trots and before you know it you will be sprinting into the world of literature.

How do you select a book and get it right? The excitement that you feel when reading a book highly varies depending on your age and your preferred genre. Personal taste in books can encompass a wide range from mystery to memoirs. If you don’t pick the right genre, a highly entertaining and fast paced read can turn into a sluggish burden which you feel compelled to finish as it came with rave reviews and strong recommendations from your friends. The charm of a book also varies with the age you are reading it. The most inspiring book in your teenage can leave you deflated when you read it after twenty years and try to re-live the charm. A very realistic and thought provoking book which changed your perspective in your forties will definitely bore you to death if you had got your hands on it while in your twenties. This is why picking the right book based on your age and genre can make reading a much more enjoyable experience.

The main factor which surpasses age and genre in making reading a hobby is patience. Inculcating patience is very important to harness the years of wisdom stored in literature. Some books might start off at a low pace and pick up speed as it goes along. If you lose interest in the first few pages itself and keep the book aside, then you will definitely miss the interesting part. With patience you learn to completely forget yourself and to see the world through the eyes of the character, to feel their pain and to enjoy their happiness, to pine for a broken heart and to be ecstatic for a new romance, to bristle at the injustice and to seek revenge for the betrayal. Books and authors have the unique power to transport your senses to a completely new world and welcome you with wide open arms.

For all those people out there who have not yet started to pursue reading as a hobby, please do so to enrich your life. Reading is a highly entertaining hobby which lets you experience more in a lifetime than any other past time. Reading introduces you to new experiences and also lets you comprehend existing experiences from a different perspective. This helps in fine tuning your personality and in increasing your wisdom. Reading also improves your concentration, focus and your memory in addition to expanding your verbal skills. Ultimately, reading makes you smart and attractive. So, don’t hesitate, pick up the right book and kindle the flames of reading in your mind!

Bonne lecture!!!

Please wait for my next post for my recommendations.


7 thoughts on “Reading 101 – A guide to reading

  1. Very well-said! The good thing here was that you put it out in a manner that would connect to every single person out there, making clear the various techniques and factors that can make the start better.
    Great post. Thanks a lot for the follow on my blog. Happy blogging. God bless. 🙂


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